Introduction & How to Use: A People So Bold DVD Discussion Guide

This segment of the video is best used for a group that will be watching more than a few segments of the A People So Bold DVD. It provides an overview of the DVD’s purpose and defines what the project is and is not.

Materials and Preparation

  • A People So Bold DVD
  • DVD player, TV/screen, and speakers
  • Chalice, candle, and matches
  • Singing the Living Tradition (1)

Time: 30-40 Minutes

A. Chalice Lighting

(5 minutes)

Welcome participants. Recruit a volunteer to light the chalice.

Offer opening words 434 from Singing the Living Tradition as the volunteer kindles the flame.

B. Introduction and Discussion

(20-30 minutes)

Watch “Intro & How to Use” segment of video (6:54)

If you have plans for when each of the segments of A People So Bold will be shown, share them with the group.

Solicit questions and comments:

  • Which part of the video do you look forward to the most? What parts do you expect might feel challenging?
  • Are there ways your congregation already helps you reflect on social justice? If so, how?
  • Is the concept of Unitarian Universalist “theology” familiar to you? How would you describe Unitarian Universalist theology?
  • What does it mean to have a theology of social justice? What might one such theology look like?

C. Conclusion

(5 minutes)

Invite participants to reflect and share with these or similar words:

Imagine a Unitarian Universalist theology of social justice. You don’t need to have it all worked out. Just imagine what it might be like. Imagine it written in a sermon or a newsletter column. What’s a word that you would want to be in that theology? Take a minute to think of a word that you think is very important to have in a theology of social justice. [Pause]

I now invite you to share those powerful words with the group. If you’d like to pass, you may.

Go around the room with each willing participant sharing a word.