Multisite Congregations

Building the Architecture of Our Interdependence!

because we are better together!

Multisite involves multiple congregations or covenanted communities sharing staff, programming, and mission to have greater impact and reach than any of them could have on their own. It can be a way to grow a congregation without adding on to a building or increasing parking; it can extend Unitarian Universalism into new areas; and it can be a way to fully support small congregations that lack adequate resources on their own for worship, religious education, and social justice.

True Stories: Better Together

Real life stories of congregations living the vision and proving that we are, indeed, better together.

Theological Grounding

Multisite is about embodying our theology of interdependence. Finally, our congregational systems are catching up with our theology.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Multisite ministries take many forms.  See what other UU congregations are doing.  What form will yours take?

Ready to Stretch

Ready to stretch toward multisite? Check out these resources to help move you forward.

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