Ways for Congregations to Partner

Multsite Word Cloud

There are many ways for congregations to partner and share resources and/or staff. Find the model that works best for your community!

  • Branch and Campus (sometimes called "satellite") models
  • Yoked congregations, committed to shared staff and shared programming.
  • In partnership models, an existing congregation partners with or creates a distinct covenanted community.
  • Merged or Networked models seek to create "one church in multiple locations." These sites share everything! -their staff, programming, budget, by-laws, board, and most importantly, their mission.

Comparing Multisite Motivations and Cultures

 Motivated by...Bound by...Hoping for...
BranchHelpingShared ResourcesRevitalization
CampusReaching outShared Staff, Program
& Mission
Expanded Reach
YokedSharingShared Staff
& Program
PartnerHelpingShared Money
& Space
Shared IdentityExpanded Reach