Public Witness: Demand Smart Justice for Spokane! General Assembly 2019

Video stops around 52:00 and there is a brief interruption around 55:00 when we restarted the feed.

General Assembly 2019 Public Witness Event

87% of people in Spokane County Jail are there for non-violent offenses. Communities of color, those living in poverty, and our neighbors with mental illness, addiction, and disabilities are hardest hit by the criminal justice system. Too many non-violent people and those needing treatment end up jailed—even though jail is proven to be the most expensive and least effective way to reduce crime or change behavior. These institutional responses divide our families and stifle economic opportunity and growth.

We say: jobs not jails, mental health services not sentences, and racial equity not racial profiling.

We Demand Smart Justice!

We #SideWithLove and push for SMART JUSTICE solutions in Spokane.

The General Assembly logo is displayed on a laptop screen, above the words "Off-site Participation"