General Assembly Choir Concert

William Wells Belan, Conductor; Marvin Mills, Keyboards; Jim Scott, Guest Artist

The Program

A Child Is Born (Magnified In Glory) by Nick Page. Gwen Foss, Jill Thompson, soloists. The child in this song refers to all children—to all of us—magnified in glory. The style is inspired by both Black Gospel and South African choral music.

Congori Shango arranged by Roldano Brenes edited by William Belan. This piece is a calipso from Limon, Costa Rica, where, as a principle seaport, the cultures of Caribbean, African and indigenous traditions come together. This tradition is permeated by a religious practice of "voo-doo" like respect for the swamps, where spiritual magic resides.

Hold Your Hands Out Over The Earth by Ann MacDonald Diers. The text of this piece is by Henry Beston, The composition is featured in the "Signature Series," published by the Unitarian Universalist Association in cooperation with the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Musicians Network.

You Don't Have To Be A Mountain by Linda Spevacek-Avery. Ms. Spevacek-Avery is a prolific composer who has published a body of works numbering in the hundreds. This piece was written for a school choir in San Jose, CA.

Common Ground by lvan Lins. Arranged by Jim Scott.

Circle of Love, in Harmony. Peace on Earth. One Voice, Joy. This piece was performed by Jim Scott on the original performance of "Missa Gaia/Earth Mass" by the Paul Winter Consort.

Canticle of Brother Sun by Jim Scott beginning with the Latin chant, Adoro Te Devote and proceeding with the famous hymn For The Beauty Of The Earth by Folliott Sanford Pierpont (arranged by Jim Scott) the Canticle breaks into a Brazilian rhythm guaranteed to thrill all listeners. At the final stage, all of the audience is invited to sing a reprise of the hymn tune.

For the beauty of the earth, sing, oh sing today.
Of the sky and of our birth, sing, oh sing always
Nature, human and divine, all around us lies.
Source of all to thee we raise, grateful hymns of praise.

Choir Members


  • Anne O'Brien
  • Carol Lindquist
  • Carole Stuart
  • Cathy Munsey-Kano
  • Chrissie Hall
  • Claire Wright
  • Debbie Werner
  • Diana Pavao
  • Diana Stewart
  • Eleanor Richardson
  • Fia Scheyer
  • Gwen Foss
  • Harper Schantz
  • Janet R. Nortrom
  • Jenn LeBlanc
  • Jennifer Hampshire
  • Jill Thomson
  • Joan Haskell Karen Darr
  • Karen S. Judd
  • Kathleen Baughman
  • Ilene Cummings
  • Lois Durrand
  • Lynn E. Kinsman
  • Marg Hanson
  • Marian Dean Bullock
  • Marjorie Gelbin
  • Martha Dalla
  • Melodie Feather
  • Pat Fuller
  • Patricia Hart
  • Paula Moulton
  • Pearl Hutchins
  • Sherry Clarke


  • Anne Lenn
  • Barbara Park
  • Barbara Wallace
  • Cathy Cartwright
  • Cathy Cohen
  • Christine Chorowski
  • Clarice Donogrub
  • Clarie Morgen
  • Clitheroe H. Engel
  • Ellen Milonas
  • Esther A. H. Hopkins
  • Jackquie Walpole
  • Jan Whealton
  • Jane A. Gran
  • Jane Fogg
  • Janet Francis Katy Keam
  • Janet Plummer
  • Janine Lewis
  • Joan Smalley
  • Judith Whitney
  • Judy Pickett
  • Kate Brier
  • Kate Marrs Kathy Converse
  • Lindsy Bernatt-Jacobs
  • Louise Kazanoff
  • Lynn Scoby
  • Lynor S. Bluestein
  • Margaret Richey
  • Margot Vincent
  • Maura Van Renssen
  • Maureen Chen
  • Michelle A. C. Goodwin
  • Mickey Goldberg
  • Mildred Manny
  • Miranda Manners
  • Norma N. Zabel
  • Olga Felton
  • Olga McKenzie
  • Patty Davis
  • Polly Lanman
  • Suan Walker-O'Brien
  • Sue Nichols
  • Susan Jane Starm
  • Victoria Silberstein


  • Able Gelbein
  • Catherine Ann Taylor
  • Chet Thompson
  • Douglas Yeaple
  • Gene Ward
  • Gruce Wheeler
  • Jary Droege
  • Joe Stoddard Matt Nolan
  • Pam Kramer
  • Paul Beedle
  • Ron Adams
  • Rudy Sprinkle
  • Scott Cooper
  • Toni Tollerud


  • Bob McKenzie
  • Bob Smith
  • Bob Snelsire
  • Bronson Harris
  • Charles J. McGuyer
  • Chelso Frescura
  • Chuck Campbell
  • Craig Thomson
  • Dan Murphy
  • Dave Hunter
  • Everett McCormick
  • Gene Oliver
  • George Kesher
  • George G. Whitehouse
  • Harry E. Mangle
  • James Schmeltzer
  • Jeff Taylor
  • Jeremy M. Carter
  • Jerry Robinson
  • John Bohman
  • John C. Scott
  • John Cummings
  • John Egnal
  • John Norris
  • Pete Fontneau
  • Peter Newport
  • Richard Scoby
  • Rusty Kaplan
  • Terry Way
  • Tom Chatterton
  • Tom Galloway
  • Will Rankin
  • Wink Lucas