Left sidebar menu

By uufn_1
November 12, 2020, 1:01 am EST

I'm working on installing the Max Mega Menu system on our site, for greater flexibility with menus. The plugin works fine, but the new arrangement of pages does not match the list that shows up on the left of each page--the subpages of that page. I assumed that was the left sidebar, but nothing I do to the left sidebar has any effect.

How can I control what shows up there, other than going into the pages area and renaming/rearranging everything in there any time we want to work on the menu?

Alternatively, can I turn that left sidebar off for some or all pages?

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More detail about the question from UUFN:

It looks good, as far as the main menu goes. But each page has an internal menu on the left side that does not match the main menu system now, and I can’t figure out where what’s on that left side of the page is coming from. It looks from the documentation like I should be able to just add something in the left-hand-sidebar-widget area. But when I go to Appearance->Widgets, what’s in the left sidebar makes no sense. As far as I can tell, the widgets in the left sidebar don’t appear in any sidebar anywhere on the site. And no change I make to the left sidebar seems to affect anything at all. It’s as if the left sidebar doesn’t really exist.

It looks like the theme wants me to go in and rearrange pages in the pages area, or edit each page and change its parent page, rather than just using a menu option. But that’s just a guess from looking around the site.

So my questions are:

- Where is that left-hand menu on each page coming from and is there an easy way to manage it?

- If not, is there a way to just turn it off?