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  • Opportunities for Connection ~ March 2019

    Find out what's happening in the Central East Region! This month - General Assembly, River Rising, Summer Camps
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  • Introducing River Rising

    The Central East Region is excited to announce the creation of a new week-long youth leadership experience happening this summer in 2019. Rising River will include several aspects of the previous Goldmine Leadership School but with lots of new exciting changes.
    By Shannon Harper | 2/25/2019
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  • It's Time to Think About General Assembly 2019!

    You are invited to join us for General Assembly June 19-23, 2019 in Spokane, WA for The Power of We
    By Beth Casebolt | 2/18/2019
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  • But I Had the Right of Way! Finding Our Way Out of Conflict

    Yet we've learned that conflicts can present great opportunities for building community by examining together what we value the most and clarifying our purpose and mission as a community.
    By Andrea Perry Lerner | 2/10/2019
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  • Music at Summer Institute: A Symphony of Shared Experience

    Music at Summer Institute: A Symphony of Shared Experience. “There’s a lot of opportunities for music at SI. I think you’d really love it.”
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