UU Faith Lab

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Faith Lab is

UU Faith Lab is a chance to explore spiritual leadership from wherever you are. Learn alongside UU spiritual teachers and change agents from all over. Experiment with mystery and wonder in your own context.

Faith Lab is for high school aged Unitarian Universalist youth who’ve completed grads 9-12 (or homeschool equivalent). The online experience spans the entire summer and creates connections that last much longer.

Participants leave with faithful leadership skills, confidence as co-creators of our faith and connections they can use in multigenerational spaces.

The whole Faith Lab community first meets just after the summer solstice, meets monthly around the full moons and reunites on the fall equinox. Small groups meet together in between to go more deeply into community care. Registration is by donation on a sliding scale.

Inspired by the work of the UUA New England Region, Faith Lab is brought to you with love by Rev. Aisha, Cora, Jennica, Rev. Kimberly and Steven.

Schedule of Events in 2021

  • Monday afternoon/evening, June 21st - Ingathering and lessons in covenant
  • Friday June 25th - Join others at Synergy, the service where we celebrate the transition from youth to young adulthood at General Assembly, followed by a Faith Lab discussion on the cycles and seasons of our lives.
  • Friday, July 23rd - Ritual creation to mark the passage of time and life's transitions
  • Sunday, August 22nd - Celebrating in our gifts by contributing to the archives of youth history. We'll be co-creating an offering that goes beyond Faith Lab
  • Wednesday September 22nd - Reunion!

Small groups will meet in the weeks before and after events at a time that is convenient for you.

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