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UU Faith Lab

UU Faith Lab July 10th through 31st

What is UU Faith Lab?

This hybrid online, personalized and small group experiencefor high school aged Unitarian Universalist youth who've completed grades 9th-12th or the homeschooled equivalent will teach you how to discern your own gifts and how to build community with those gift through practicing and co-creating Unitarian Universalism in real time.

UU Faith Lab Begins July 10th with an online community gathering around covenant. The program runs through July 31st.

Read the full text of this presentation (PDF).

Faith Lab is...

Faith Lab is an engaging online summer program for high school aged Unitarian Universalists who’ve completed grads 9-12 (or homeschool equivalent) that happens July 10th through 31st.

Faith Lab is a chance to explore spiritual leadership, learn alongside UU spiritual teachers, and experiment with mystery, faith and wonder.

In Faith Lab, you will discern your unique gifts, explore spiritual practices and build community together

Inspired by the work of the UUA New England Region, Faith Lab is brought to you with love by Rev. Aisha, Cora, Jennica, Rev. Kimberly and Steven.

Practices of Spiritual Leadership We'll Explore Together


Who are we together? How can we build beloved community together?

Doing Our Inner Work

Who am I? How do we show up for ourselves and for others?

Binding to Tradition

What do we inherit? What can we learn from Unitarian Universalists who came before us?

Centering in Gifts

What am I called to share? We all have unique, intangible gifts to share with the world. What are yours?

Faithful Risking

How do I live my values? How will you put your faith into action?

When is UU Faith Lab?

UU Faith Lab Schedule balances covenant, inner work, tradition, gifts, risking sabbath and worship

UU Faith Lab Schedule

Fridays we gather as a community for an intensive experience. Saturdays we rest and reflect. Sundays you do work on your own. Mondays we meet in small groups. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be a mix of synchronous, & asynchronous group learning experiences.

Faith Lab begins Friday, July 10th and runs through Friday, July 31st. To view the full schedule go to the Faith Lab Schedule page.

Where is Faith Lab?

Faith Lab will be hosted on a Mighty Network!

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