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Adult Staff and Volunteer Leaders

Adults ideal for youth ministry should have the abilities to:

  • form real and genuine relationships with youth

  • focus the relationship on the needs of the youth and not the needs of the adult

  • hold appropriate emotional and physical boundaries

  • provide for their own physical, sexual, social, spiritual, and emotional needs in appropriate ways

Adults who work with youth must be at least 25 years of age. Exceptions may be made by UUA staff for presenters who are not supervising youth or UUA staff who are otherwise qualified to serve in youth ministry.

Approval Process

All workers with children and youth must have been actively participating in a UU congregation, covenanting community or related organization for at least six months.

Proof of identification, such as a driver’s license, may be requested.

All staff working on youth activities and programs must disclose (and agree to continue to disclose) any pending or previous child welfare agency investigations or criminal arrests, charges, convictions particularly those involving abuse, violence, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, child abuse, driving while intoxicated, firearms, or dangerous weapons or similar matters. (See UUA Adult Code of Conduct for sample language)

All compensated and volunteer workers working with children will be asked to consent to a national criminal background check and sex offender registry check and such checks will be performed or obtained by UUA staff at least every three years or more frequently if deemed appropriate.

All adults working with youth must sign the UUA Adult Code of Conduct and all adults and youth working in positions of leadership must sign the UUA Leadership Code of Ethics.