Hiring and Approving Staff and Volunteers
Hiring and Approving Staff and Volunteers

All adults attending a youth focused event must be either approved adults under this policy or fall under the guest policy.

In This Section

  • Approval process for adults leaders, whether volunteer and paid staff. These processes apply to adult attendees of youth events.
  • Requirements for adult attendees and sponsors (an adult participant who attends an event with specific youth and is responsible for supporting those youth at the event).
  • With the knowledge that the criminal justice system contains pervasive oppression and many offenses have no bearing on safety in a youth ministry context, a criminal history is not an automatic disqualification, but the beginning of a conversation.
  • Adults, who are responsible for youth or on-call, should not consume or be impaired by alcohol or other substances that impair functioning for the duration of the event or tenure of their responsibility. This includes not showing up impaired from previous consumption.
  • The UUA reserves the right to restrict or remove, temporarily or permanently, any adult from contact with youth at UUA events if it determines that the adult worker is no longer suitable for work with youth. Documentation and following this transparent process is required if UUA staff take such actions.
  • Process of approving youth leaders, whether volunteer or staff, for UUA youth programs.
  • UUA staff may remove or restrict, temporarily or permanently, any youth from UUA leadership positions if that youth volunteer is deemed no longer safe or appropriate for that role. In such cases, UUA staff must follow these processes.

For more information contact youth@uua.org.

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