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Volunteer Adult Attendees and Sponsors

All adults participating in a youth focused event must meet these qualifications.

An Adult Sponsor is an adult participant who attends an event with specific youth and is responsible for supporting those youth at the event. An adult sponsor can sponsor up to the number of youth that meets the youth adult ratio (generally 7 youth to 1 adult. See Youth: Adult Ratios in Supervision section).  Sponsors must participate in participant and adult orientations, agree to the Adult Code of Conduct, and follow rules and supervision policies.


Adults must be 25 years of age. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis as approved by the UUA staff responsible for the event.

Approval for the Role

At multigenerational events like camps or General Assembly, adult sponsors are parents/guardians or are approved by parents/guardians.

For youth focused events, adult attendees and sponsors must be actively participating in a UU congregation or covenanting community. For adults involved in a local UU setting, adults are required to have an endorsement for this role by their Director of Religious Education, Minister, or Board President certifying that the individual is a healthy adult for youth programming and has met the requirements of their Safe Congregations policy, including a background check. 

For adults whose involvement is in a virtual UU community, the UUA staff responsible for the event must approve that adult’s participation and may require additional references and conversation. UUA staff will obtain a copy of a background check.

Parents/guardians may sponsor their own child even if they do not meet all the qualifications for the role of adult sponsor with knowledge and permission of the responsible UUA staff. If such a person hasn’t been background checked by a congregation, a UUA staff will perform or obtain a copy of a background check.