Prayer for Moving Forward

With buildings behind them, people march in Los Angeles holding the rainbow and Mexican flags. The woman in the center of the photo is raising her vist, mid-chant.

Spirit of Life and love, God of many names and yet none at all
Our hearts are stretched thin. We see and hear the devaluing of people of color, of those with disabilities, of women, of immigrants; this list, incomplete as it is, is exhausting.

And yet, we hold fast because we carry hope in our hearts: hope that together we can dismantle systems of oppression; hope that the collective of American humanity will look at one another and say “this has got to change.”

However thin our resilience may be wearing, we do not give up or give in. 
We look around and see our friends and neighbors carrying signs,
moving and marching together, because we must not give up.

We join thousands of people in the streets.
We move for justice
We live for peace
We will not rest until we are heard.
We will not rest until equity is made more real, all around us.

And spirit of life, we look within our own hearts, to the burning coal that is at the center of our being, the place where our hope for the world lives, the place where our faith in humanity resides and there we find the strength and courage to continue moving forward however muddy and rough the path may be.