We Are Not Done

Do not think we are finished—
oh no
we will never be finished
never just done
until the light of justice is lit behind every eye.

Do not think we will be silent—
there will not be silence until the world has sung the names
of the dead with full throats and still
we will sing on.

Do not think fear is the end of us—oh
you are broken in mind and heart if you even imagine
that our fear for our lives is the end of this story.

We are braver than you have ever conceived
and you
will not be the end of us.

We have come to take back the world
the world that is the inheritance of better children
better lovers
better days.

There will be love again but justice is our demand now.
You will not take us down
We are endless
and we
are coming
for you.
In Memoriam—Eric Garner