Singing the Journey

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In the fall of 2003, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) President William G. Sinkford appointed a task force of six Unitarian Universalist (UU) Musicians Network members to create a new congregational hymn resource. This task force sought submissions for the new resource that offered fresh hymns, chants or songs that enliven worship; music for marking the seasons in the lives of our congregations; and music in a number of different styles including jazz, folk, pop, spirituals, gospel, praise songs, call-and-response, chants, rounds and traditional hymns.

Topics sought for material to be included needed to be UU-appropriate, and representative of one of the many areas of our devotional life, including materials highlighting the spirituality of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community, earth-centered and non-Western theologies, both male and female spirituality, and the music of cultures traditionally under-represented in our communities.

Singing the Journey debuted at the 2005 UUA General Assembly in Fort Worth, Texas, to enthusiastic reviews. The first printing of the book sold out within three weeks and became the best-selling book in the history of UUA General Assemblies, and a second printing has now been issued.

This book is "dedicated to those exemplars and pioneers who have pushed the boundaries of congregational music forward and made this resource possible and necessary." To the more than 1,000 composers who submitted their pieces for consideration for this volume, the New Hymn Task Force extends its gratitude and appreciation.

In faith,

Members of the UUA New Hymn Resource Task Force:

Leon Burke
Jeannie Gagne
Dennis Hamilton
Ken Herman
Jason Shelton
Barbara Wagner (Chair)
Deborah Weiner (Staff Liaison)

Singing the Journey Supplement to Singing the Living Tradition

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