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This evolving list of Unitarian Universalist composers is intended to help congregations find music created specifically for the Unitarian Universalist worship context, and to help these composers gain greater exposure for their works. Please take the time to peruse this list, visit the web sites listed, contact the composers whose work you find speaks to you. Let's help support and spread the beautiful and powerful gift of Unitarian Universalist (UU) music!

  • Alexander, Elizabeth
    Musical Type: Choral (adult, women's, men's, youth, children's and intergenerational choirs); orchestral; chamber; solo voice.
  • Allstrom, Mark
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral (easy, medium, difficult), youth choral, piano solo.
  • Anderson, Matt
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult/youth/children choral music, orchestral, piano and organ music, and lyrics.
  • Backus, Andrew C.
    Musical Type: Settings with piano of popular UU words used as openings, Chalice lightings, prayers, and benedictions—often for the voice of a Cantor, and sometimes choir. Sometimes along with spoken words by a Liturgist.
  • Beedle, Paul
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral, solo voice, chamber music.
  • Benefiel, Elizabeth
    Musical Type: Childrens' musicals, hymns, intergenerational choral
  • Benjamin, Tom
    Musical Type: All types, including orchestral, operas, chamber, songs, etc. Much UU-commissioned choral music: several dozen anthems; over 100 responses, hymns, benedictions, variously accompanied. Mainly for adult choirs, but some works for children.
  • Blake, Penny
    Musical Type: Adult choral, intergenerational choral, piano arrangements.
  • Bohn, James
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral, solo voice with piano, organ, piano.
  • Buckles, Mark David
    Musical Type: Adult choral, hymns, hymn and choral arrangements, piano, chamber music.
  • Bullock-Wilson, Gene
    Musical Type: Hymns, christmas carol, introits, meditation responses, closing responses, short anthems spirituals, arrangements of hymn tunes.
  • Bunbury, Andrea
    Musical Type: Adult solo and small group; adult choral.
  • Burns, Bernadette
    Musical Type: Adult choral, chants & hymns. Some pieces could be used by children/youth choirs.
  • Burrows, David
    Musical Type: Children's musicals, also choral music, hymns, chants.
  • Carew, Christy
    Musical Type:Hymns, adult choral, children/youth choral, orchestral, solo piano, vocal, chamber. I often custom compose for specific sermons/services. Choral music ranging from easy to difficult, solo and chamber music for a variety of instrumentalists and ensembles.
  • Chave, George
    Musical Type: All types. SATB responses, anthems. Solo voice/instrumental. Chamber, orchestra, band.
  • Conant, Susan
    Musical Type: Adult choral, youth choral, chamber music, hymns.
  • Culver, Jim
    Musical Type: Choral (adult, children), piano, organ, intergenerational musicals. Melodic writing in American song style. Part Broadway, part English anthem tradition.
  • Dalton, Catherine
    Musical Type: Adult choral, children/youth choral, and solo music.
  • Davidson, Tina
    Musical Type: Melodic, rhythmic works (settings of Berry): adult choral, children/youth choral, intergenerational choral with piano, ensemble.
  • Decker, Dana
    Musical Type: Contemporary music for liberal worship. Music written for song leader and contemporary ensemble.
  • Diers, Ann MacDonald
    Musical Type: Adult choral, children/youth choral, hymns. Special commissions.
  • Diiorio, David
    Musical Type: Funky/folkie, jazz, classical, contemporary, gospel, hymns, adult choral, children/youth choral, piano.
  • Donaldson, Jeanie
    Musical Type: Adult choral, women's choral, organ, string orchestra, easy songs and a hymn.
  • Dunn-Rankin, Christopher
    Musical Type: Vocal and choral work; hymns; art songs, recital pieces; musical theater, opera; instrumental solo and ensemble works.
  • Finner, Stephen
    Musical Type: Adult choral responses such as chalice lightings, introits, and benedictions.
  • Flurry, Henry
    Musical Type: Adult choral, orchestral, piano, art song, other chamber.
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  • Foss, Gwenn
    Musical Type: Solos and choral pieces for adults, mainly silly or humorous.
  • Friedman, Jennifer
    Musical Type: Contemporary folk, special music, social justice themes, guitar, voice, chants, hymns, dances of universal peace.
  • Gagné, Jeannie
  • Glasgow, David M.
    Musical Type: Primarily vocal (solo, small ensemble, choral), a cappella and/or with accompaniment (piano, combo, band, orchestral).
  • Greenway, Greg
    Musical Type: Gospel edged songs of social conscience for guitar, piano, and choir.
  • Griffin Russell, Joelle
    Musical Type: Choral, hymns, piano, vocal solos, instrumental chamber ensembles.
  • Grigolia, Mary
    Musical Type: Songs for small groups, congregational, and intergenerational singing, composed around monthly themes.
    Songs of the Month
  • Hammers, Dawna
    Musical Type: Adult contemporary, visionary, intergenerational easy to sing along, inspiring, fun chant songs!
  • Hansen-Ellis, Ellen
    Musical Type: Piano, instrumental, adult choral, solo songs, hymns/group sgs.
  • Hardin, Clif
  • Heartwood, Kiya
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult, youth and intergenerational choral, folk, rock, musicals, orchestra, guitar.
  • Holstedt , Lucy
    Musical Type: Adult choral, unison and rounds, contemporary styles, vocal solos and duets, hymns, sacred and secular strong melodies with very accessible piano accompaniments. original lyrics that fit the melodies well. mostly contemporary, but some sound very traditional. music for all seasons and topics. from easy to challenging. some are unison, hymns and rounds good for congregations. please request my list of compositions, and/or request a style, topic or arrangement if you don't see it listed.
  • Ingram, Robert
    Musical Type: Inspirational hymns for congregational singing; some instrumental pieces for piano or small ensembles.
  • Johnson, Michael
    Musical Type: Adult choral, orchestral, instrumental, piano, intergenerational choral, piano/vocal, guitar/vocal.
  • Jones, Sarah Dan
  • Kates, Bruce Lloyd
    Musical Type: Music and lyrics for nostalgic musical play about the Great Depression. 1930s sensibility and style.
  • Kay, Linda
    Musical Type: Adult; folk style for voice with guitar chords; for congregational singing small church settings.
  • Keely, Evan
    Musical Type: Hymns, SATB choral, TTBB choral, anthems, cantatas, piano, organ, orchestral, chamber music.
  • Kendrick, Eva
    Musical Type: Choral music, mixed choral works (adult/ children), SSAA, chamber music, song cycles, hymns, chamber music.
  • Kerns, Brian
    Musical Type: Adult choral, solo & ensemble voice, orchestral, small ensemble & vocal.
  • Kleucker, Wally
    Musical Type: Adult choral, orchestral, organ, piano, children/youth choral, intergenerational choral.
  • Krebs, Jeff
    Musical Type: Children/ youth/ intergenerational.
  • Landau, Clara
    Musical Type: Vocals, keyboard Ballad, light classical, jazz, blues genres.
  • Langer, Kenneth
    Musical Type: Adult and children's choral music.
  • Lebak, Tamara
    Musical Type: simple choral anthems, universalist praise music, social justice-focused folk.
  • Lewis-McLaren, Grace
    Musical Type: Hymns, choral responses or anthems for all ages. Text and/or music, arrangements, accompaniments, special occasion music.
  • Loui, Michael
    Musical Type: Children choral.
  • Maas, John
    Musical Type: Adult choral.
  • Marino, Marcia
    Musical Type: Hymns, some instrumental keyboard works.
  • Maziarz, Susanne
    Musical Type: Adult choral, piano solo, hymns and other congregational song.
  • Macdonnell, Leanne
    Musical Type: Mostly choral, children's & adult.
  • Mehrbach, Glenn
    Musical Type: Adult choral, children/youth choral, musical theatre, a cappella quartet, choir and orchestra, piano/vocal.
  • Metz, John
    Musical Type: Anthems, piano, youth choral, piano and cello, slightly adventuresome harmonies.
  • Middleton, Julie
    Musical Type: Adult choral.
  • Miller, Niela
    Musical Type: Adult choral music, piano interludes
  • Mitchell, Katherine
    Musical Type: Anthems, hymns, invocations, benedictions, vocal.
  • Morris, Lee
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral, children/youth/intergenerational choral.
  • Newhouse, Alan
    Musical Type: Orchestral, choral.
  • Owen, Nelta
    Musical Type: Adult choral, children/youth choral, arrangements for choral/orchestra or other instruments.
  • Page, Nick
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral, children/youth choral, orchestral, organ, piano, intergenerational choral, sing-along songs. My website features over fifty recordings and many video links. My sacred music is written with a universal message, a message that can be sung in all communities regardless of religious affiliations. My secular music is written with a strong moral compass with the message of compassion shining through. I draw on many styles. Many of my songs can involve audiences/congregations singing along.
  • Park, Warren
    Musical Type: Adult choral, solo vocal and piano, piano solo, small instrumental groups, solo instrument with piano.
  • Paulsen, Agnes
    Musical Type: Hymns, children/youth choral, intergenerational choral.
  • Poley, Joyce
    Musical Type: Congregational songs, intergenerational Christmas pageants, some children's songs.
  • Primm, Matthew
    Musical Type: All types; adult choral, instrumental, congregational, art songs, youth.
  • Pryor, Bob
    Musical Type: Inspirational, spiritual, choral.
  • Rains, Diane Laura

    Musical type: Fae By Nature Music presents a unique and enchanting catalog of original works by composer Diane Laura Rains for Adult, Young Adult, Intergenerational, and Children's choirs. Lush, magical, yet very much of this Earth, every Fae By Nature choral composition not only delights the ear, but broadens humans' understanding of our planet and the wild creatures that reside here. Our music sings of the delicate, exquisitely beautiful balance of nature. It sings of treasures hidden in plain view, and of doors to other realms.

  • Ranalli, Brent
    Musical Type: SATB anthems, art songs for solo voice, and hymns (with and without keyboard accompaniment). A specialty is settings of e.e. cummings poetry.
  • Rodgers, Dale K.
    Musical Type: Solo & ensemble jazz & classical guitar music.
  • Roewe, Scott
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral, children/youth choral, sax and piano, flute and piano, Jazz band—sax and rhythm section.
  • Rogers, Wayland
    Musical Type: Choral, adult, children, hymns, responses, piano, solo songs.
  • Ruth, Lucymarie
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral, music for woodwind and horns, string quartet.
  • Salvaggione, Angela
    Musical Type: Adult choral, congregational vocal, piano, winds.
  • Schafer, Joe
    Musical Type: Children/youth choral and intergenerational choral.
  • Schatz, Dan
    Musical Type: Traditional and contemporary folksinger, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and author
  • Schelstrate, Barbara
    Musical Type: Adult choral, children/youth choral, solo with accompaniment—from small pieces to musicals to opera. Elements of Classical, Romantic, folk, modal and even popular music. Very accessible: people respond well to it. I compose and arrange music for voice, piano, strings, handbells and other instruments. Most recently, I wrote a one-act opera performed at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington (VA).
  • Scholl, Sharon
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral, piano, chamber music, solo songs.
  • Scott, Jim
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral (PG 13) children/youth choral, intergenerational choral.
  • Shaw, Marguerite
    Musical Type: Adult choral, intergenerational choral.
  • Shea, John
    Musical Type: Adult choral.
  • Shelton, Jason
    Musical Type: Music for all aspects of worship—instrumental, choral, congregational, ritual/liturgical, intergenerational.
  • Sherwood, Will
    Musical Type: Adult choral; organ/orchestral altered hymn accompaniments.
  • Singer, Heidi
    Musical Type: Small ensemble, choir, congregational singing.
  • Smellow, Chris
    Musical Type: Hymns, children's songs, piano.
  • Smith Koehler, Linda
    Musical Type: Simple and easy to learn chants and songs, popular with the Singing in Sacred Circle crowd, some arranged for choir, others lend themselves to spontaneous harmonizing. My songs and chants remind us of the beauty, strength, power and divinity within each of us. They sing of our interwoven relationship with all that is, with the intention of joyfully bringing peace to the world, one heart at a time.
  • Spencer, Donna
    Musical Type: Classical in nature; usually piano and chorus, occasional organ parts or a cappella. Also have a couple of piano solos.
  • Stringer, Alan
    Musical Type: Adult choral and piano solo. Also compose operas (some suited for UU congregations).
  • Taylor, Marcia
    Musical Type: Hymns, Intergenerational choral, children/youth choral.
  • Thomas, Karen
    Musical Type: Adult choral, solo voice, hymns, orchestral, chamber, opera.
  • Thorn, Michael
    Musical Type: Adult choral, organ and piano.
  • Tiefenbrunn, Jaie A.
    Music Type: Adult choral, vocal solo.
  • Tracy, Lane
    Musical Type: Adult choral, piano, chamber. The lyrics of my choral works address topics and issues that are often raised in UU services. The music is generally late romantic in character and ranges from easy to difficult.
  • Ulman, Barbara
    Musical Type: Adult choral, youth choral, vocal solos with piano, vocal solos with piano and other instruments. Some instrumental chamber music.
  • Vaughn III, Travis D.
    Musical Type: Adult choral, children/youth choral, intergenerational choral, instrumental.
  • Webb, Amy Carol
    Musical Type: Hymns, adult choral and band, children/youth choral and band, intergenerational, chants & rounds, meditation, guitar incidental, singer/songwriter, powerfolk, audio and video production/editing.
  • Whalin, Jerry
    Musical Type: Choral, piano, chamber music, clarinet music.
  • Will, David
    Musical Type: topical songs: settings or arrangements of my wife's songs. Hymns with Martha Kirby Capo.
  • Will, Rosalyn
    Musical Type: Folk and topical songs (peace, possibility, hope); may be sung solo or choral; Hymns (including one re The Mountain UU retreat in South Carolina).
  • Will Allen, Mary
    Musical Type: SATB, small group, children's, choral with African marimba band, and harp and strings.
  • Worthley, Cathy
    Musical Type: Folk songs about life experiences, some related to her gender reassignment.
  • Zabriskie, David
    Musical Type: Choral, orchestral, piano, organ, instrumental, from small pieces to large oratorios, solo to 16 part divisi.
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