Sofía Betancourt, William G. Sinkford, and Leon Spencer, 2017

The following individuals served the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as Interim Co-Presidents. Appointed on April 10, 2017, their term lasted until the end of the 2017 General Assembly on June 25, 2017

Sofía Betancourt

The Rev. Sofía Betancourt is assistant professor of theology and ethics at Starr King School for the Ministry. Her work as a religious educator, parish minister, and seminary professor provided well-honed leadership qualities which prompted the UUA Board of Trustees to appoint her Interim Co-President of the UUA for the Commission on Institutional Change.

William G. Sinkford

The Rev. William G. Sinkford served as president of the UUA from 2001-2009. He is senior minister of First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR. He was appointed Interim Co-President for the Role of President as outlined in the UUA Bylaws.

Leon Spencer

Dr. Leon Spencer is professor emeritus at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA, and a decades-long lay leader. His work on behalf of anti-racism and anti-oppression efforts for Unitarian Universalist congregations began in 1985, when he helped establish the Black Concerns Working Group. He has participated in the Jubilee Working Group, the Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Team, and the Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries known as DRUUMM. He was appointed Interim Co-President of Constituent Outreach.

The Rev. Sofía Betancourt

The Rev. Sofia Betancourt

The Rev. Bill Sinkford

The Rev. William G. Sinkford

Dr. Leon Spencer

Dr. Leon Spencer