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President's Council
President's Council
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Officers

Established in 1992 with the concurrence and support of the Association’s Board of Trustees, the President’s Council is charged with providing the UUA President with suggestions and feedback on stewardship of the Association and the Movement, and on related matters; providing counsel and leadership for Association resource development efforts; and helping to increase knowledge and support of the UUA and its programs through advocacy with individuals and congregations. Members of the Council meet annually in the fall.


  • Matthew Alspaugh
  • Arnold Babel
  • Julie and Brad Bradburd
  • Mary Byron
  • Don Chery and Ginger Luke
  • Robert and Suzannah Cierna
  • John and Joni Crestwell
  • Terry Davis
  • Bonnie and Rick Dlott
  • Charles and Barbara Du Mond
  • Martha Easter-Wells
  • Ted and Jane Fetter
  • Bruce Field and Lucia Santini Field
  • Kirk Freeman and Betsy Quilligan
  • Neil Gunderson
  • Jon and Kimberly Hassinger
  • Lawrence E. and M. Suzanne Hess
  • Todd and Lorella Hess
  • Bunny Hodas
  • Carolyn and David Holstein
  • David and Laura Johnston
  • Holly Kerr
  • Graham Kreicker
  • ​Lawrence Ladd
  • Mary and Dave Lareau
  • Brock and Julie Leach
  • Sue McGovern and Shel Lipsky
  • Melanie and Jim Milner
  • Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar
  • Makanah E. and Robert L. Morriss
  • Konny Murray
  • Mary and David Overton
  • Joseph and Colette Parsons
  • Les and Sue Polgar
  • Arthur H. Reublinger
  • Thomas and Susan Schade
  • Jim and Loretta Sherblom
  • Darien N. Smith
  • John F. and Susan Smith
  • Thornton and Sherry Smith
  • Betty and Tom Stapleford
  • Jan and Lowell Steinbrenner
  • Tom Stites and Alexandra Mezey
  • Karen Stoyanoff
  • Lee Sullivan
  • Ramon and Karen Urbano
  • Susan Weaver and Eric Isaacson 
  • Walt and Janet Wieder
  • Ned Wight
  • Ralph Wyman

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