Prepare for General Assembly with the UUA Board of Trustees Attend Board-Led Webinars About the Governance Process at Multiplatform GA 2022

At this year’s multiplatform General Assembly (GA), we will explore the power, possibility, purpose, struggle, and joy of meeting the moment as Unitarian Universalists. Whether you're a first-time delegate or a long-time attendee, we invite you to join us to learn more about what will happen at GA this year. Members of the Board of Trustees (with some occasional special guests) will provide an overview, along with information for delegates regarding the business sessions.

Webinar Options

In order to prepare for a new and different way of doing the business of GA this year, the Board will lead several different webinars. Each one will be 75 minutes in length, and a recording of each will be posted on this page at a later date. Pre-registration is required for all.

Guidelines for Attending the Board's Zoom Webinars

The Board is glad you have decided to join its webinar. We hope you will participate when invited. This may include sharing your name and congregation in the chat or asking questions using the Q&A function. We very much welcome questions in the Q&A box that are related to the Board's active presentation/discussion.

We ask that you avoid disrupting or distracting from the webinar, including by using the chat box to change the conversation or argue with the Board/presenters. Clarifying questions about the material being presented should be directed through the Q&A function and not to the Board members via chat. Monthly Board open houses are an excellent opportunity to ask questions of the Board members about their work and the Association. Additionally, questions may always be emailed to

The Board reserves the right to close the chat or Q&A or to remove participants who are disruptive to the webinar or to other participants/observers.

Video Recordings and Slide Decks of Webinars Which Have Already Taken Place

General Assembly 2022 Business Orientation

Review the slides from the June 4, 2022 webinar (PDF, 17 pages)

In-Depth Look at the GA 2022 Rules of Procedure

Review the slides from the April 19, 2022 webinar. (PDF, 13 pages)

"Discussion of Proposed Business Resolutions"

Review the slides from the April 9, 2022 webinar. (PDF, 13 pages)

"What Does Multiplatform Mean for This Year's General Assembly?"

Review the slides from the February 19, 2022 webinar. (PDF, 25 pages)