Board Statement on the Presidential Search Committee's Nomination for UUA President

We are delighted that the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt has been nominated as a candidate for President of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) by the Presidential Search Committee (PSC). She brings the wisdom, experience, and passion for our faith to lead us through the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We, the UUA Board, are grateful to the members of the PSC for their work and their willingness to take on the monumental task of understanding the needs of our community and finding candidates who can help us move forward. The work of volunteers makes this faith community possible.

We received the PSC’s report which explains that they nominated two exceptional candidates; however, one nominee declined the nomination.

While this result, of only one nominee by the PSC, is unexpected, our bylaws allow for additional candidates to run by petition. If you feel you have the experience and qualities needed for this position, a deep sense of commitment, and a clear call to spend the next six years of your life in service to our Unitarian Universalist faith, then we invite you to consider running by petition.

The plan for the campaign process will continue regardless of the ultimate number of candidates. This includes several regional candidate forums, an online forum, and an election to take place in June 2023. More information on this process will be communicated after February 1st.

We recognize that in both our last presidential transition and in this one, the PSC process has not been able to produce two or more candidates as intended by the bylaws. The UUA Board, as part of the comprehensive bylaw renewal, will investigate alternatives.

Whoever becomes our next President, the Board will remain focused on the work in which we are deeply engaged:

  • A systematic exploration of our purpose and guiding covenant, as led by the Article II Study Commission,
  • A rewriting of our bylaws to allow us to be more responsive and effective, and
  • Continuing the transformative work of dismantling white supremacy culture and implementing the recommendations of the Commission on Institutional Change’s report, Widening the Circle of Concern.

We are excited about this election season and the future. Thank you for caring about this precious faith. Together, we can adapt to changing times and needs, and care for one another.