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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Solidarity.

  • The Sum of Us

    Heather McGhee

    One of today’s most insightful and influential thinkers offers a powerful exploration of inequality and the lesson that generations of Americans have failed to learn: Racism has a cost for everyone—not just for people of color...

  • Testimony and Truth

    Jodi Cohen Hayashida

    From Braver/Wiser
    It often feels like we’re shouting into the void. It was a gift to be reminded that sometimes someone is listening.
  • To Practice Love Is to Disrupt the Status Quo
    From WorshipWeb
    "I believe firmly that to practice love is to disrupt the status quo which is masquerading as peace." —posted on Austin Channing Brown's Instagram, June...
  • A Prayer for White People

    Ellen Quaadgras

    From WorshipWeb
    Sheltered in our homes, Or going to work, at risk, For week after week after week, We’re edgy, tired, a little raw. We are tender, vulnerable, Open. A...
  • Claiming Our Names

    Otto O'Connor

    From Braver/Wiser
    May we all remember how inextricably we are linked in this fight for justice and freedom.
  • Deciding to Build

    Chris Rothbauer

    From WorshipWeb
    The first time I was told that I was too queer to be a congregation's minister, they asked, "What will the neighbors think?,” as if it were the most...
  • More Than a Sum

    Robin Tanner

    From Braver/Wiser
    We are never numbers to be tallied for turnout. We are more than a sum. Together, we are the hope and courage.
  • Circle This Flame

    Amy Brooks

    From WorshipWeb
    This ritual begins by lighting a candle from the chalice, and placing it in position. A list of supplies is at the end of this resource. One: Fire....
  • There Is No Easier Way

    Elizabeth Nguyen

    From WorshipWeb
    I once saw a little sign, carved in wood, that read, “There is only the hard way.” Many of us have been harmed by theology that told us that suffering...
  • Call from the Past, Present, and Future

    Tania Márquez

    From WorshipWeb
    In the weaving of our story to the web of life, we must remember that we must not cut the strings, for there are others coming after us.

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