Forgiveness and Stones

As the sun sets, a tangle of large, smooth rocks rests at the edge of Lake Tahoe's shore.

In our lives, people sometimes do us wrong
They betray us, hurt us, and do not hold our humanity sacred.
Their unkindness can lie heavy on our hearts

 How can we lift this burden
That can feel like the weight of stones?

Wounded, we cry for justice.
Scarred, we remember each hurt and betrayal.

How can we lift this burden
That can feel like stones on our heart?

We are not alone.
A multitude is around us
With their scars and their stones.

We cry to the universe to lift these stones,
“Take them,” we say, “until they are out of the field of gravity.”

They travel upward for a moment slowly
And then quickly as they lift off into space.

A meteor shower in the other direction.
A night sky full of brilliant stars.