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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Despair.

  • Hope Continues

    Kevin Jagoe

    From WorshipWeb
    Hope continues, uncertain and true, like candlelight, ready to spark again.
  • Shifting from Despair to Hope

    Sarah Movius Schurr

    From Pacific Western Region
    How do we learn to live into our hopes, both in our personal lives and in our shared lives as congregations? We explore the shift from despair to hope.
  • Even When...

    Yuri Yamamoto

    From Braver/Wiser
    As a hospital chaplain, I often listen to painful stories. We call it compassionate presence, but I may be crying inside. When words fail, I pray and sing.
  • A Recipe for Resilience

    Margaret Weis

    From WorshipWeb
    This recipe has been tweaked over time, so adjust as necessary. Sometimes it yields more servings than anticipated....
  • The power of we moves us from individualism to a shared belonging

    Susan Frederick-Gray

    From UU World Magazine
    Mission and covenant are an antidote to individualism. They remind us of the responsibilities that come with an affirmation of interdependence.
  • Immovable Elements of Being Alive

    Megan Devine

    From WorshipWeb
    "Grief no more needs a solution than love needs a solution. We cannot 'triumph' over death, or loss, or grief. They are immovable elements of being alive.
  • Companioned Inside Your Grief

    Megan Devine

    From WorshipWeb
    [S]piritual and meditative practices are not meant to erase pain. That's a symptom of our pain-avoidant culture, and not an accurate portrayal of the...
  • My Longing Is So Big and I am So Small

    Justin S Osterman

    From WorshipWeb
    O God, It’s hard to know what to say, hard to know what to pray sometimes when fear, sadness, anger, and confusion come over me. This world is so...
  • How Many More Sundays?

    Eliot Brian Chenowith

    From WorshipWeb
    How many more Sundays will the preacher in black robes and the solemn shuffle of papers Read the names of those whose light was extinguished for our rig...
  • Our Children Will Rise with Us

    Cheryl Strayed

    From WorshipWeb
    "When it comes to our children, we do not have the luxury of despair....