Blue Christmas: This, Too, Belongs

A lit taper candle burns against a blurred background of blue holiday lights.

The sound of rain, not cheerful songs
A quiet rocking chair, not traditions of the season
The early sunset, not dancing lights
Loss, tender heart, hollow soul, heavy days
Grief is welcome, a sacred part of the mourning, of the bereft, of the weeping
Amidst the celebrating, this too belongs
This too is holy
It binds us to our ancestors, the earth, the stars
Yet still
A steaming mug of tea warms the belly
The dog wags its tail and the cat purrs
There are laughter and tears, sometimes both, beside the joy
This too belongs
Sharing human suffering is connection, hearts like stones are held by all that is
Grief and light, intertwined
This too belongs

The mantra "this too belongs" is from a talk by respected Buddhist teacher Tara Brach. Used with gratitude and appreciation.