A Prayer for Hope

Water drips from a melting clump of ice on a small fir branch. The background is a blurry field of grey with a hint of green, possibly other trees.

Spirit of Love and Truth,
Help us to feel You in our breathing in and breathing out.
Quiet our minds even if only for a moment.
Still our bodies even if only for a moment.
Soothe our souls in this holy moment.

When uncertainty pervades, give us rest from worry.
When fear rises, give us peace.
When pain surfaces, give us a balm.

Some of our spirits are so weary,
Some of our bodies feel fried,
Some of our minds feel frantic and uneasy.
How long will this last, we ask in desperation?

Spirit of Life-giving Love,
Remind us of the cycles of life so that we might turn toward the dawn,
Turn toward the thaw,
And turn toward the rebirth of spring with New Hope.
Make that hope alive in us, oh Holy One!
Ignite that hope so it burns brighter than our fears.
And may that bright hope shine for others to witness,
That our Faith might be a beacon
And our Love a lamp to light the way.

Oh luminous Spirit, fill us with gratitude
As we turn toward one another in the human family,
Never alone on our journeys,
Always reminded of a greater Love that holds all.
Blessed Be, May it be so, Amen.