Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

Faith In Action: Respect Videos

Part of Virtue Ethics

Materials for Activity

  • A variety of costumes and props
  • Optional: A video camera
  • Optional: A computer with Internet connection

Preparation for Activity

  • Two options are suggested for creating respect videos: live actors on film or cartoons created using software available on the Internet. Verify the feasibility of both options before offering the youth a choice.
  • For the cartoon option, explore Nawmal software online or Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper (MASH), which is freeware that can be downloaded to use with the Microsoft Agent (c) application.
  • Test electronic equipment before the workshop.

Description of Activity

The group creates videos for younger children, demonstrating respectful behavior.

Invite the youth to choose the live actors or animated characters option for a video they will make for younger children (or, if they have only one option, briefly tell them about it).

Engage the group to write a script. Brainstorm to identify three or four scenarios younger children might encounter where respectful behavior should be encouraged. One way to demonstrate respect is to show a scene where someone is disrespectful and then show the scene again, demonstrating respect. Humor, flashy or outrageous costumes and props can make the videos more fun. Consider inviting congregational adults of various ages to play roles.

Choose a venue to show the videos. You might work the videos into a children's chapel or congregational worship service. Post them online, perhaps on your congregation's website or Facebook page or on YouTube, to give the videos a longer life and a wider audience. Arrange with your religious educator for the youth to show the video to a group of younger children and to lead a discussion about respect afterward. Encourage the youth to invite the children to share other situations where they have witnessed respect or disrespect.