Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics : An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth
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Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

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We make hundreds of decisions every day. Some are small. Some are life changing, although we may not know their significance when we make them. This program's premise—in the words of the Buddha, recited in every workshop Opening—is that "our thoughts and actions become habits and our habits shape our character." We have some control over our character. We can shape the person we want to be by making intentional, thoughtful decisions.

About the Author

Jessica York

Jessica York is the Director of Congregational Life. Congregational Life Staff Group is made up of the field staff of the UUA's 5 regions. Previously, she was the Co-director of Ministries and Faith Development and the Director of the Faith Development office of the Unitarian Universalist...

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Molly McGaughey from the UU Fellowship of Manhattan, KS, talks about her wonderful experiences leading Virtue Ethics. Listen to the Sunday service created by the Virtue Ethics class.