Prayer for Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday

Spirit of Justice,
God who befriends those who stand upon the constant edges of decision,--
crucial and alone
We are grateful to be together this morning.
We gather especially to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
but not only him, for there were thousands of unnamed women and men
who put their bodies and lives on the line
so that all may be free.
And yet, freedom comes at a cost,
and we know that racism and homophobia,
ageism and ableism, sexism and classism --
all of these often unacknowledged realities
prevent us from fully knowing one another
from creating the beloved community
spoken of by prophets and ordinary persons alike.
May the work of Dr. King continue to eradicate injustice wherever
and whenever we encounter it.
May we continue to speak out against injustice-to speak even if we are afraid our words
will not be heard or welcomed;
May the spirit of Dr. King continue to flow through our daily living
May we have the courage of Dr. King as we continue to stand up for justice, reconciliation and truth,
despite challenge and controversy.
Dr. King went to the mountaintop; he saw the Promised Land,
and he reassured us we will get there one day.
May that be no paradisal dream,
but a reality in our own time.
May it be so. Amen.

About the Author

Kathleen Rolenz

Kathleen Rolenz is the Interim Minister at the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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