Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

Alternate Activity 2: Newsworthy?

Part of Virtue Ethics

Activity time: 30 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • News items from various sources including newspapers, magazines, and/or Internet
  • Optional: Computer with Internet access

Description of Activity

Ask participants to form groups of two or three and search the news sources for stories that involve ethical dilemmas. Examples could include politicians or business leaders investigated for fraud, theft, or deceit, or a situation in which someone has been charged with a crime based on an action which could be seen as good rather than bad. Invite youth to share any news stories they have recently heard. Discuss stories to articulate the ethical conflict in each and to identify stories in which someone has made a virtuous choice. Do the news sources treat these stories differently? What values or virtues do the news sources seem to highlight? What messages come through from the way news sources describe ethical dilemmas?