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Find hands-on games, activities, and resources on the Climate Kids pages of the website of the Southeast Regional Climate Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The Families section in UU World magazine has devoted several themed issues to environmental stewardship topics:

  • Summer 2015: The Whole World in Our Hands. Story: Green Like the Wind. Parent Reflection: The Web of Life: Helping Children to Know Our Place
  • Fall 2014: Geology: The Study of Wondrous Transformations. Story: A Rock Can Tell You a Story. Parent Reflection: Raised UU... and Geologist, by Charlotte Lehmann
  • Winter 2010: Empowering UU Kids to Understand, Care, and Act. Story: The Change the World Kids. Parent Reflection: A Parent's Loving Choices Nurture a Child's Loving Power

Tapestry of Faith curricula include several ecology- and stewardship-focused programs with activities, stories, and readings you can use, at home or in your congregation, to spark multigenerational discussion and action around our UU call to be good stewards and resilient protectors of our environment. Browse Circle of Trees, Gather the Spirit, or World of Wonder (K-1). The Tapestry of Faith Toolkit Book, Creating Justice Together, includes among 36 service project ideas a number related to environmental stewardship, for example, Making a Solar Oven.

The Nature Generation is an organization that initiated the Green Earth Book Award in 2005 to recognize environmental stewardship books for children and young adults. Ten years later, more and more books for children are explaining climate change and suggesting helpful, hopeful actions to take. In a library or bookstore, find past Green Earth Book awardees including Earth in the Hot Seat: Bulletins from a Warming World written by Marfe Ferguson Delano (National Geographic Children’s Books, nonfiction); Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French (Abrams/Amulet, fiction); or The Earth Book by Todd Parr, a playful introduction to the concept of “going green.” (Little, Brown; for ages 3-6).

Creating Justice Together Service Projects for Families and Multigenerational Groups

By Susan Dana Lawrence

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This book belongs to the Tapestry of Faith Toolkit Series provided by the UUA Faith Development Office. Toolkit Books provide background knowledge, inspiration, and practical guidance to program and lead UU faith development and to help us explore and live our faith in our congregations,...

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