Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Miracles: A Multigenerational Program on Living in Awe and Wonder

Activity 4: Energy Quest

Part of Miracles

Activity time: 5 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers, and tape

Preparation for Activity

  • Post three sheets of blank newsprint with headings, “Sources of Energy,” “Means of Transportation,” and “Earth-friendly Actions.”

Description of Activity

Have participants brainstorm (one topic at a time):

  • as many sources of energy as they can
  • different ways to travel from one place to another
  • actions we can take to be more environment-friendly.

Record everyone’s contributions on newsprint.

Be mindful of participants’ ages, developmental stages, and likely prior knowledge. You may need to prompt—“gasoline,” “batteries”—or hint with an explanation, such as, “Energy is what makes cars and traffic lights and computers and air conditioners turn on and work.” You might offer descriptions of forms or renewable energy, for example, “Biomass energy comes from plants we can burn without hurting the environment. Fossil fuels are materials like gasoline for cars and coal to make electricity. Fossil fuels come from under the earth. We take them out of the earth and when we burn them for energy, we pollute the air.” No need to over-explain or make sure everyone gets it; the primary reason to prompt or explain is to include everyone in the brainstorming.

Examples of sources of energy


Batteries – usually chemical energy

Biomass Energy – energy from plants

Geothermal Energy

Fossil Fuels – coal, petroleum oil, and natural gas

Hydropower and Ocean Energy

Nuclear Energy

Solar Energy

Wind Energy

Examples of ways to travel






Examples of environment-friendly actions

Turn off lights.

Seal windows and doors from air leaks.

Use less heat or air conditioning.

Bike, walk, skate.

Carpool, take public transportation.

Use alternative fuels sources when possible.

Save water.

Re-use plastic bags.

Recycle bottles, cans, and plastic containers.

Properly dispose of used batteries.

Ask participants to look at their list of environment-friendly actions and name some they do, or could, take on their own. Put stars next to these on newsprint. Now ask for actions that require help from adults or need to be done with a group. Put double stars next to these. Encourage participants to choose one action they can commit to right away. Tell them they will have a chance to say their action during the session Closing.