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Loved ones observe a three-day mourning period.

Body is buried within 24 hours and with only a white sheet.


Funerals involve three parts: vigil, mass, and burial. Sometimes, but not always, mourners view the body in an open casket. In some cultures, the vigil is called a wake and involves food, drinks, and sharing photos and stories of the person who has died.

Body is buried.


Scriptures are read from the Vedas or Bhagavad Gita.

The chief mourner, usually the eldest son or male relative, will light some kindling and circle the body, praying for the wellbeing of the departing soul.

Body is cremated.


Body is buried within 24 hours.

After the funeral, mourners observe a seven-day period called "shiva." Observers cover the mirrors in their homes. They make a rip in their clothing or pin to their clothes a black ribbon with a tear in it, to symbolize their loss.

Unitarian Universalist

A memorial service or funeral is developed by family, friends, and a minister to honor the memory of that individual. The ritual may include music the person liked. People will take turns speaking about their memories of the person.

Family chooses if a body is buried or cremated.