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Leader Resource 2: Memorial Ritual - Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

When we meet on [DATE], the Signs of Our Faith group will talk about Unitarian Universalist memorial rituals and enact a ritual together. Our ritual will emphasize that after death, deceased people and pets live on in our hearts and memories and through the love they have shared.

To be part of creating our memorial ritual together, your child is invited to bring a picture or other item to place on our table that helps them remember a loved one (human or animal) who has died. They will have an opportunity share the name of and, if they wish, a few words about the deceased person. In lieu of a family member, friend, or pet, you are welcome to prepare your child with a photo and information about a well-known person whose life and death affected your family.

If you have any questions about how this topic will be handled, or what else we will do during this upcoming session, we encourage you to contact one of us.

Yours in Faith,


[Co-leaders' contact information]