Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Handout 1: What Do You Think?

Do you believe God exists? Yes _____ No_____

If your answer is yes, can you describe the God you believe in?


If you answer is no, can you describe the God you do not believe

in? Yes _____No_____

Do you believe in any of the following?

There is some sort of power that is higher and stronger than

people. Yes_____ No _____

There is a spirit of love that you cannot see but that pulls people together. Yes _____ No _____

A Great Mystery holds all the secrets of the world. It is fun to

explore but people can never really understand it. Yes _____ No _____

No power greater than people decides what the future will be. Yes _____ No _____

Do any of these labels fit you?

Humanist — We need to think mostly about people who live on

earth, not whatever lives in heaven. Yes _____ No _____

Pagan — The earth, its seasons, and nature are the center of your

religion. Yes _____ No _____

Mystic — The truth of the universe is hidden in mystery. Yes _____

No _____

Do you . . .

Rely mostly on reason to solve your problems? Yes _____ No ____

Sometimes pray with words for help to solve your problems?

Yes _____ No _____

Meditate to find peace and joy in spite of your problems? Yes _____ No _____

Do you offer thanks at Thanksgiving? Yes _____ No_____

Do you know where you are sending your thanks? Yes _____ No_____

Do any of these describe you?

Theist (You believe in God.) Yes _____ No _____

Atheist (You believe there is no God.) Yes _____ No _____

Agnostic (You do not know if there is a God.) Yes _____ No _____

Now think about all you have said, and answer again:

Do you believe God exists? Yes _____ No _____