Tapestry of Faith: Love Will Guide Us: A Program for Grades 2-3 that Applies the Wisdom of the Six Sources to the Big Questions

Activity 3: Take-Home Night Sky

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Copy the leader resources listed above to make a full packet of nine images for each participant to glue on a Night Sky. (If the children have used UU Source Constellations, you may wish to provide the optional handouts also, or instead.) Consider the size of the poster board sheets the children will work with-make sure their Night Sky displays will accommodate all the Source stars and/or constellations you provide. You can download leader resources and handouts and adjust the image sizes on your computer.
  • Optional: Cut out the Source stars and/or constellations for children.
  • Set out the poster board sheets and the decorating materials at work tables.

Description of Activity

Participants each make a Night Sky display for home, to remind them about the ways our Unitarian Universalist Sources guide us to love.

Gather the children at work tables. Say they may each create a Night Sky display to bring home, like the display in the meeting room.

Give each child a packet you have prepared and invite them to cut out the UU Source stars, North Star, and Big Dipper and glue or tape them to their poster board. Encourage them to refer to the group's Night Sky display for orientation of the Big Dipper and the North Star.

Invite children to use the other materials to decorate their Night Skies. Some may wish to paint over the stars and words with glow in the dark paint.

As children, ask questions such as:

  • Do you have a favorite Source? Why?
  • Do you have any favorite memories from our time together in Love Will Guide Us?
  • What sorts of ways will you behave when you are guided by love?