Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Creating Home: A Program on Developing a Sense of Home Grounded in Faith for Grades K-1

Activity 4: What's In My Suitcase?

Part of Creating Home

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • An empty suitcase

Preparation for Activity

  • Bring in a suitcase large enough to pack for a journey but small and light enough for children to pass around in a circle.

Description of Activity

This game will focus children on thinking about what they are taking away from the Creating Home program. Gather with the children in a circle, with the suitcase in front of you. Say, in your own words:

The time we have spent together in Creating Home is like a journey we have taken together. Let's pretend this is our suitcase. Now that our Creating Home journey is almost over, we need to pack our suitcase to take home.

Let's think about everything we have done and seen and talked about on our Creating Home journey. What can we pack up to take home?

Prompt by mentioning activities and stories from the sessions the group has done. Once the children have begun to generate ideas, start the game. Tell the group:

I will put something in from our journey, and pass the suitcase to the next person. He/she will repeat the item I have packed, and put in something of their own. The next person will repeat both of the items, and add one of their own. Continue around the circle this way.

Model placing something in the suitcase and say:

I'm taking __________ (something from a Creating Home session, such as "a yummy honey parfait") with me in the suitcase.

Pass the suitcase to the child sitting next to you. Help him/her say:

I'm taking "a yummy honey parfait" and __________ (something else from a Creating Home session, such as "a cottage in the woods") in my suitcase.

Direct the next child to repeat the first two items and add another. Continue at least once around the circle. To end the game, you may tell the children:

We cannot really take the suitcase home, but I hope you will remember all the things we have put inside from our Creating Home journey.