Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Creating Home: A Program on Developing a Sense of Home Grounded in Faith for Grades K-1

Activity 5: Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

Part of Creating Home

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Cinnamon dough for all participants (Leader Resource 1, Cinnamon Dough Recipe)
  • Waxed paper and paper plates
  • Rolling pins, cookie cutters, and a sharpened pencil
  • Ribbon and scissors (including left-handed scissors)

Preparation for Activity

  • Make cinnamon dough, using Leader Resource 1, Cinnamon Dough Recipe.
  • Tear off about 18 inches of waxed paper for each child and distribute at worktables.
  • Place cookie cutters and rolling pins on worktables.

Description of Activity

The strongest sense for humans is the sense of smell, and cinnamon is a scented spice that, for many people, can spark pleasant memories of occasions such as celebrating holidays, picking apples, or snacking on graham crackers or doughnuts.

Distribute portions of cinnamon dough to the children at their worktables. Invite them to play with the dough and smell the wonderful smell; allow plenty of time to explore the dough.

Then, ask the children to roll out their portion of dough on their waxed paper, choose a cutter and cut a shape. Help children punch a hole in the top of their shape with a pencil, and cut a length of ribbon to pass through the hole. Make sure ribbons are tied on securely, without cutting into the dough.

Place each ornament on a paper plate for children to take home. Tell the children to let the ornament dry overnight before they try to lift it by the ribbon. Ask them to smell their ornaments at home and see how long the scent of cinnamon lasts - it might be a long time!