Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Amazing Grace: A Program about Exploring Right and Wrong for Grade 6

Leader Resource 2: Ethics Play Scenario 1 - The Babysitter

Part of Amazing Grace

There are six Ethics Play scenarios. Scenarios stand alone from the themes of any particular session, so you may use them with any session. The roll of the dice determines which scenario you use and which question you ask. Mark questions as you use them, to avoid repetition in future sessions. See Description of Activity for further directions.

  • A friend wants to visit you while you are babysitting. The people you are working for do not want you to have visitors. However, the kid you are babysitting is asleep and you think you can get away with it. What do you do?
  • The boy you are babysitting loses a ball behind the couch. You move the couch and find the ball along with a dusty $20 bill. You do not think the boy has seen the money. What do you do?
  • You break a valuable glass in the house where you are babysitting. The glass is part of a large set, and the homeowners probably will not notice right away. You are babysitting a one-year-old girl who cannot yet talk. What do you do?
  • You find a parent's diary when you are snooping around while the child you are babysitting is asleep. What do you do?
  • The child you are babysitting has gone to sleep for the night. You find a DVD of a movie you want to see, but that your parents have said you cannot watch because it is violent and R-rated. What do you do?
  • The child you are babysitting wants to watch a TV show that he or she is not supposed to watch. You want to see it too. The child promises not to tell his/her parents. What do you do?