Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition: A Lay Leadership Development Program for Adults

Faith In Action: Responding to Adaptive Challenges


Explore the UUA’s descriptions of Breakthrough Congregations. The UUA Breakthrough Congregations program “inspires and supports spiritual vitality in Unitarian Universalist communities by showcasing new models of vitality and successful approaches to leading change.” As you explore, consider:

  • What were the challenges facing this congregation?
  • What questions did they ask?
  • What adaptive challenges are they addressing?
  • What were some of their turning points?

Ask yourself how your congregation is (or might be) finding new and better ways to meet the needs of people who are currently underserved or not served at all in our religious communities. What questions are you asking? What adaptive challenges do you face? What would it take to move your congregation toward a turning point?