Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition: A Lay Leadership Development Program for Adults

Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition: Developing Lay Leadership

This 2020 edition of Harvest the Power, like the 2009 original, asserts that leadership in a congregational setting can and should be a deeply spiritual experience. Six two-hour workshops offer intentional faith development to help form integrated UU leaders who model healthy personal and leadership practices.

Congregations can offer this program with a lay facilitator or co-facilitators. It can be adapted for online learning.

Browse this online "book" to explore the entire program.

Download the entire program as an editable Word document or as a PDF file.

About the Author

Gail Forsyth-Vail

Gail Forsyth-Vail, a credentialed religious educator, master level, is the author or developmental editor of several UU history curricula and resources. Before retiring, she served as interim director of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Lifespan Faith Engagement Office.

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