Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: What We Choose: An Adult Program on Ethics for Unitarian Universalists

Spiritual Preparation

Part of What We Choose

Set aside time for journaling, reflection, prayer, and/or meditation, to center yourself and open your heart and mind to that which is new and challenging. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have to be concerned about my day-to-day existence? Do I have enough to eat? A place to live? Options and choices in my life?
  • Is my life or well-being at risk from systems and structures of government or of the dominant culture? If so, in what ways and under what circumstances? If not, how have I sought to understand the perspective of those whose lives or well-being are at risk?
  • Am I prepared for the spiritual work of deep listening and openness to others' stories? Am I prepared to be changed by those stories?