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Faith In Action: Transgender Inclusion

Part of What We Choose

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Find the Transgender 101 page of resources on the Unitarian Universalist Association website. Print the page and copy for all participants. (Also, send participants the electronic link.)
  • Find out if your congregation has already adopted policies and procedures that are inclusive and supportive of transgender individuals.
  • Find out which organizations in your region are involved in transgender advocacy and education.

Description of Activity

Invite participants to use the UUA's Transgender 101 resources to learn about transgender identity. Distribute the handouts you have prepared, and lead the group to examine the section "10 Ways to be More Understanding and Welcoming of Transgender People." Discuss which actions your congregation already does well and which actions suggest areas where your congregation could grow. Decide which actions your group will initiate in your congregation. Decide how to bring these proposed actions to the attention of your congregation.

Consider asking for volunteers to:

  • Organize educational programs and events for your congregation about transgender identity, potentially using the suggested resources
  • Contact local transgender education and advocacy groups and learn about their priorities, initiatives, and programs and ask how your congregation might help with their work
  • Recruit and organize people from your congregation to support and help.