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Build Your Website With a Powerful UU Tool
Build Your Website With a Powerful UU Tool

Wishing you could have a website that made your congregation shine? Searching for a platform that’s easy to use and low-cost? The new Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA) WordPress Theme for Congregations is just the tool you need.

The Theme, created by Christopher Wulff and the UUA Outreach team, is custom-made for the needs of Unitarian Universalist congregations. Comprised of a series of page templates, plug-ins, and widgets, the Theme not only makes your website look good, it does a lot of work for you: organizing and streamlining your news, events, staff contacts, and worship information; generating maps and directions; and helping users find what they need through an intuitive menu. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly and accessible, representing best practices in web design. Along with the Theme, you can download content that’s ready-made for a UU site, such as pages about Unitarian Universalism and What to Expect in Worship. Learn more!

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