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Earth Day Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life, spirit of earth, spirit of all that breathes and all that is: we love you.
Prayer for an Online Memorial Service
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life, Spirit of Love, we come today carrying our grief, our memories, and our love....
A Prayer for Rising to the Occasion
From WorshipWeb
Would you be with me in a spirit of meditation, reflection, and prayer. Friends, it has been another challenging week in our world....
For What Shall We Give Thanks?
From WorshipWeb
The wheel of the year has turned again. Once more the Thanksgiving season has arrived. How shall we sing our song of gratitude now?...
The Imprint of Love
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of life and love, light within and without, mystery from which we have all emerged, within which we live and die: be with us now as we allow...
Our Desire is a Gift from the Stars
From WorshipWeb
The word desire comes from the Latin desiderare: “to long for,” but the Latin desiderare comes from de sidere: “from the stars.” From the stars. I...
Vessels of Divine Love for Each Other
From WorshipWeb
The religious mystics of every tradition tell us union is what we are here for — union is what we are: we are connected to each other, to the earth, to...
Spirit and Body Joined Together
From WorshipWeb
Take a moment to breathe into the silence. Our breath is always with us. We can always come back to the breath, our anchor, our grounding, our freedom.
What We Do Matters
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life and Love, we are here because we believe what we do matters. We are here because we believe how we live our life matters. That with every...
Chalice Lighting for Water Communion
From WorshipWeb
Fire and water, ancient opposites Sun and ocean, the cradle of life Dancing flame and dancing river— We invoke them together today As we kindle our...

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