A Prayer for Rising to the Occasion

With buildings behind them, people march in Los Angeles holding the rainbow and Mexican flags. The woman in the center of the photo is raising her vist, mid-chant.

Would you be with me in a spirit of meditation, reflection, and prayer.
Friends, it has been another challenging week in our world.
I want to invite us to start with some silence, time to reconnect with our breath
and reground ourselves. Let’s be in silence together.

Silence... ring bell.

This week brought many assaults in the political arena on values that we hold dear.
May this time of quiet be an opportunity to touch peace within ourselves, to tap new springs of courage, resolve, and hope.

We know that none of us alone can hold all that must be held or do all that must be done — but may each of us be led toward that work which is ours to do.
And as a community, may we feel our strength together and use it for good as best we can.

In this spirit we name our concern for this land and for its people, and for the people of the world.

For refugees turned away from airports, we pray for safe harbor.
We pray for all immigrants who fear for their safety and the safety of their families and loved ones. May they be well and safe.
May all who are moved to action in these times be clear and strong and compassionate in our response.

For those worried about how they will pay for the costs of medical care,
For those worried about access to medical care, including women around the world,
For our planet and the ongoing climate crisis, we pray for effective and creative action.
May all who are moved to action in these times be clear and strong and compassionate in our response.

We also hold all those tender personal concerns which are close to our hearts this day. I invite you now to speak aloud the names of any whom you would like to lift up into the care of this community...or simply hold them in your heart in silence.

(Silence...names are spoken)

May they be well.
May they feel the love that surrounds them.

Let us take a moment to give thanks for the blessings emerging even now.

For women and girls who are leading us forward
and showing us what peaceful empowerment looks like,
we give thanks.

For journalists and scientists, attorneys and public servants,
and so many others who are offering truth and wisdom in a time of need,
we give thanks.

For ordinary people including you and me
who are rising to the occasion and bringing the best that is in us,
as best we can,
we give thanks.

We close with a few more breaths in silence.

May it be so. Amen.