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  • History Vignette 18: UU Church of Willmar Minnesota

    Willmar (population 19,000) sits in the rural center of Minnesota, where both politics and religion are generally conservative. But generalizations usually have exceptions, and in Willmar many of these are supplied by the Unitarian Universalist congregation.
    By Victor Urbanowicz, UU Church of Willmar, Willmar, MN | 7/25/2018
  • History Vignette 17: Eliza Tupper Wilkes

    Eliza Tupper Wilkes (October 8, 1844-February 5, 1917) was a circuit-riding preacher who started eleven Universalist and Unitarian churches in the American West. Among the first women ordained into the ministry, Wilkes worked with and mentored other liberal women ministers in...
    By Victor Urbanowicz | 12/8/2017
  • History Vignette 1: The Free Congregation of Sauk County

    In 1852, German-speaking immigrant freethinkers founded the Freie Gemeinde von Sauk County in Sauk City, Wisconsin, about 20 miles northwest of Madison. Freie Gemeinde means free community or free congregation.
    By Victor Urbanowicz, Free Congregation of Sauk County, Sauk City, WI | 1/12/2015

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