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Living the Welcoming Congregation Table of Contents
LGBTQ Welcome & Equality, Welcoming Congregation Program



  • Session 1 Assessment/Beginnings
  • Session 2 Where Are We? Where Am I?
  • Session 3 If We Are Here, What Next?
  • Session 4 If This Is What We Need To Do, How Might We Do It Best?

    • Session 4 (Supplement) Jerry’s Secret
  • Session 5 Setting the Structure for Your Work


  • Session 6A Individual History
  • Session 7A Affection/Sexuality
  • Session 8A Linking the Oppressions
  • Session 9A Bisexuality
  • Session 10A Transgender, Gender, and Identity

Note: Please check out Bisexuality 101 and Transgender 101 for up-to-date recommended resources and workshops on these important topics.


  • Session 6B Congregational History and Change
  • Session 7B Taking a Tour of the Congregation
  • Session 8B How Change Happens In Our Congregation
  • Session 9B Using What We Have Learned to Plan for Change
  • Session 10B Implementation


  • Session 6C Community History and Change
  • Session 7C Panel Discussion
  • Session 8C Effective Social Action and Public Witness
  • Session 9C Planning A Course of Action
  • Session 10C Implementing the Plan in Your Community


  • Session 11 Being An Ally
  • Session 12 Us and Them Jeopardy!
  • Session 13 What Was Our Story Of This Work?

Supplemental Materials

  • Optional Session Working with Children and Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues
  • Suggested Closing Words
  • Facilitator Session Feedback Form
  • Participant Program Feedback Form

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