Skill Up: Neurodivergence 101 with Heather Petit

Part of neurodiversity series

By Heather Petit

Headshot of Heather Petit

Our first interview was with Heather Petit in August 2022. In this session we talked about everything from a definition of neurodivergence, models of disability, communication, and much more. We had such a great time interviewing Heather, and we all learned a lot. Please find the full video below. We hope you take advantage of this resource.

Please find more talks and Q&A session recordings available for purchase on the UUMA storefront. Your purchase will directly support the continuation of this series.

Neurodivergence 101

About the Author

Heather Petit

Heather Petit (she/they) is a Candidate for UU ministry who graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary in 2020, and interned with both EqUUal Access and the UU Society of Mill Creek, Delaware. Heather is fat, white, queer/genderqueer, disabled, and neurodivergent.Heather’s entrepreneurial...

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