Neurodivergence Skill Up: Congregational Life with Dr. Ramon Selove

Part of neurodiversity series

By Dr. Ramon Selove

Picture of white man with shoulder-length salt and pepper hair and beard with glasses, nuzzling a black labrador. Image reads Ramon R. G. Selove Associate Professor Retired Lord Fairfax Community College

We talked to Dr. Ramon Selove in September 2022 about Ramon’s experience in congregational life, direct applications for neurodiversity inclusion in our congregational settings, and more. Ramon has direct experience as an Autistic adult, and also has an Autistic son.

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About the Author

Dr. Ramon Selove

Ramon is a Unitarian Universalist, Autistic adult, a parent, and an RE and OWL teacher, and is accompanied wherever he goes by his Autism Service Dog, Coriander.

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