2005 Breakthrough Congregations: First UU Church of Dallas, TX

Part of Membership

By The First Unitarian Church of Dallas, Dallas, TX

General Assembly 2005 Event 3004 (Excerpt from Plenary III)

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Dallas was highlighted as another "breakthrough congregation." The congregation's leaders said they believe that their can-do attitude and strong ministerial leadership help them grow in strength and depth. They have strong religious education leaders, and the congregation members have deep roots in social justice. Members were active in desegregating the city's kindergartens and various members worked to get the Roe v. Wade decision to the Supreme Court. They have strong lay leadership, and engage people of all ages.

Currently the congregation has more than 1000 active members, and its leaders believe they have broken through "unseen and powerful barriers by taking care of the church building, planning for the future, and welcoming visitors." They have a five year plan to be more generous, more creative and more committed to the future of the church and the legacy of the generations to come. They believe that by deepening their spiritual quests and asking hard questions they will grow more.