International Unitarian Universalism: Torda 450: Celebrating the Anniversary of Religious Tolerance

Torda450 Service Planning Timeline

Planning Timeline for Torda450 Worship Services

This is a general timeline to help you plan and prepare for your Torda450 service. (Guidelines are for a January service–if your service is at another time, adjust accordingly)


  • Settle on a date for your Torda450 service and add it to the Celebrations Map.
  • Read thoroughly over the Torda450 worship materials and the history and context page
  • Reach out to your congregation’s youth group and invite them to help you plan a multigenerational service.
  • Reach out to the service leader or potential guest speakers to determine their availability. UU International Joint Working Group (JWG) staff members may be available to speak at your congregation.
  • Arrange for your congregation to have a special collection for the UU Sharing Global Faith Fund during the Torda450 service (or throughout the month if your congregation has a month-long share-the-plate procedure).


  • Convene your Torda450 Service planning team and check in on progress.
  • Follow up or confirm service leaders including musicians.
  • Choose music and a story for all ages for your service.
  • Advertise the Torda450 service. (e.g. post on social media/congregation’s website; arrange a table during coffee hour; include in announcements prior to services; place a notice in congregation email updates/newsleters).
  • Talk with Religious Education (RE) leaders about using curriculum to help the children learn about Torda450 in the lead-up to the service. Suggest an RE curriculum for Torda450, or draw from theological reflection materials on


  • Finalize the order of service, special collection, and list of people to speak/perform during the service.
  • Arrange for a photographer to take pictures of your service and check with your congregation’s administrator if the photos may be shared and used by the JWG.
  • Continue advertising the Torda450 service.
  • Organize an information table during coffee hour following the Torda450 service (or during the whole month!) to educate congregants about the Torda450 activities happening throughout 2018. Flyers can be downloaded and printed from
  • Confer with the service leader to assure they are familiar with Torda450 materials.
  • Talk with treasurer or church admin about the donation processing protocol.

December / January

  • Finalize the worship script for the worship associate.
  • Meet with your Torda450 Service planning team to run through the service.
  • Make sure all materials for the service have been procured a week ahead of time.
  • Continue advertising the special Torda450 service.
  • After the service, make sure to follow up to thank any guest speaker(s) and and all service leaders.
  • Let the JWG know how it went!

On the Day of the Service

  • Arrange for water for the service leaders.
  • Test the microphones and any recording devices.
  • Ensure the camera(s) are fully charged and have memory available.
  • Make sure the Religious Education participation is ready.
  • Greet guests as they arrive.
  • After the service:
    • enjoy coffee hour.
    • Introduce any guest speaker(s) to members of the congregation.
    • If you had a special collection, make the necessary arrangements.


  • Let the JWG know how the service went.
  • Send the JWG the Order of Service/ Program & any additional information you’d like to share.
  • Upload /develop pictures of the service–if on Facebook, tag the JWG!
  • Write thank you notes to speaker(s), committee chairs, and others who contributed to the service. You can also enclose copies of photos of participants in the service.